Flower pot

Designer: Stefano Gallizioli Typology: Flower pot Year: 2003 


In order to show the beauty of a plant, the planter has its importance; the clean lines and neutrality of the steel sheet that characterizes our planters allows any element inserted to stand out even more. In order to allow the plant not to suffer and to have a fresh and humid environment, the entire internal surface of the planters is characterized by an insulator called Enkadrain which allows you to maintain a fresh environment despite the steel walls that support it.

Technical information:

Steel inox frame

Equipped inside with an insulating material called Enkadrain

Typology: Flower pot

Metal structure

Satinized steel

Name: Satinized/Satinato
Code: steel satinized
Tipology: Rattier
Composition: 100% pc
Category: Lusso
Weight: 600
Height: 137
Test: TB 1111
Trattamento: Water repellent
Tirella: Outdoor 002

I colori visualizzati, per note ragioni tecniche, sono indicativi

steel satinized
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