outdoor emotions

Coro is first of all an idea: the motto is “time to live in freedom”, which means products that invite to look at the world from a new perspective to give form to the pleasure of living.


Coro is internationally recognized as an interpreter of design in its purest form: the aesthetics combine ergonomy, usability, innovation, simplicity of construction and environmental sustainability.


The products of Coro carry a broader meaning, following the theme of design for the future without forgetting the past.


Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with curiosity to make products that allow the company to go beyond traditional barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. Through this research Coro has developed signature materials that are the key to the creation of the contemporary yet timeless forms.


The company channels its efforts into discovering innovative materials and developing production processes designed to guarantee an industrial approach that increasingly respects the environment.


Coro is a guiding presence for the world of international contract, using the many years of commitment, skill and care of the production who is able to transform ideas and concepts into products and projects which satisfy the design and customization demands for the contemporary furnishing world.


Coro is distributed internationally thanks to a consolidated network of resellers and agents able to provide assistance and support to customers.


Each object is a different expression of beauty; it is a piece of furniture in the real sense of term. Lightness, pure shapes and harmonic proportions, this is what Coro aims at.