Mastery of the most advanced technologies in the metal production process, the great attention to detail and the quality of manufacturing, the ability to develop new manufacturing techniques using high standard, creating solutions that enhance the continuity and harmony of lines and shapes, are all hallmarks of every Coro product.

At Coro, craftsmanship is deeply linked to the research of quality, precision and efficiency offered by the latest industrial technology in a typically Italian blend of passion and know-how. So while industrial machine tools are employed to produce the framework of individual elements, the finishing, assembly and packing are all done by hand.

The production process for Coro is mainly based about humans meeting machines. With the latter supporting the former, and never the other way around. Where manual can become industrial because the production needs more repetitiveness and greater precision, maintaining the highest quality standard.

At Coro the process is also based on the extraordinary ability to imagine shapes and functional solutions, the ability to interpret the different vision and sensibility of each designer and acknowledge their importance.

All phases of production are controlled and managed by Coro by overseeing all phases of processing in ancillary companies belonging to an integrated network following the most up-to-date models for the organisation of production.

This is the beauty of our integrated process, the project as a way of improving life every day. A complex world which celebrates difference and diversity, making them a physical part of daily life and way of communication and interaction.