Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with curiosity to make products that allow the company to go beyond traditional barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. Through this research Coro  has developed signature materials that are the key to the creation of the contemporary yet timeless forms.

Every product is based on an attentive research of the finishes and an extreme care of details, to offer great durability and comfort, key elements for every outdoor use.

The Coro collection harmoniously combines new technologies with a mix of traditional and innovative materials and are inspired by the warmth and colour of their natural surroundings.

While maintaining steel as essential material, Coro introduces new materials and new concepts, such as tailoring and customisation. This development is supported by our know-how, which integrates craftsmanship and industrialisation to create a quality Italian product, appreciated worldwide.

Coro’s products express a reflection capable of going into all kinds of  outdoor settings, furnishing them and adding connotations which may be confidential or manifest. An industrial attitude that never slips into distance from the user or deliberate neglect of the object’s function.