Passion, knowledge of materials, and the study of shapes and finishes represent the distinctive features of Coro. The company has collaborations with renowned architects and is present in all major world markets.

Coro’s expertise is mainly based on the quality and durability, an attentive research of the finishes and an extreme care of details, to offer great durability and comfort; the materials, carefully selected, such as stainless steel, aluminium, fabrics and woven ropes that, exasperated by the weather conditions, acquire a taste authentically lived, proving our existence.

The ability of Coro is to move with elegance between every project, to adapt to to all environments, to be modular and match crosswise with any other piece of furniture, creating environments in which every choice is the total expression the personality of its inhabitant.

We are able to offer customized solutions with a unique identity and style, thanks to the distinctive character of Coro for imagining, anticipating and interpreting the conceptual space of the project, venturing also beyond the confines of outdoor design.

Coro offers this exclusive service to its customer-partners, interior designers and architects who believes that outdoor design is above all a question of interaction and relationships.

Coro main asset is based on the experience, which can be translated into tradition, innovation and competence, the key words which mark the whole production of the outdoor furniture, the result of years of work and efforts.