L 3

Designer: Sergio Brioschi

Typology: Sunbed
Year: 2006


Comfort and well-being to improve your free time. Minimal and light design these are the qualities of this product distinguished by its rounded lines, for relaxing and playing with fantasy reading a book. The sensory emotions of the colours, textiles and forms is an interplay of objects that harmonise to combine ever more inextricably outdoors with indoors (and vice versa) the desire to stop, rest, spend time with friends and enjoy relaxation. Not only a sunbed with 3 or 4 different sitting positions, it can be used as a bench in the basic position which also acts as a stackable, or armchair in the highest position of the back thanks to the extendable footrest that can be inserted in the structure; in addition to this version also the proposal with the parasol with the same characteristics for the sunbed. To complete this splendid design product are added a small table or junction box container (drink holder), a headrest cushion and two Teflon rollers as wheels to be inserted in the rear of the structure so as not to change the product design.


Technical Information:

Frame: Steel inox and aluminium, satinized or powdercoated frame

Seat and back: Sun or Batyline® fabric available in different colors

Footrest: Sun or Batyline® fabric available in different colors

Parasol: Sun or Batyline® fabric available in different colors


Small Table: Frame Powder coated aluminum

Box: Frame Powder coated aluminum

Headrest cushion

Upholstery: Dryfell (polyurethane fibre) white cover

Cover: Garden, Batyline® or Sun outdoor fabric available in different colors

Wheels: Teflon rollers


Typology: Sunbed